For those of you that are tired of seeing my face, I will give you a break and you can look at this GORGEOUS BRIDE AND GROOM!!! CONGRATS SYD AND SPENCER!!!

Whoopsies! I accidentally sent the last email on accident, BUUUUTTT… Transfers happened and GUESS WHAT??? I STAYED IN LEIRIA!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO BE IN THIS BEAUTIFUL AREA WITH THE BEST PEOPLE FOR 6 MONTHS!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! I could not be happier!!!

First of all I would just like to start off by saying, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Especially for you Wyatt, I know it´s your absolutely favorite holiday so I hope you enjoy it and get lots of candy! (If you get Reese’s, they would be much appreciated here in Portugal where they don’t believe in that goodness. 🙂 )
Alright… I do not even know where to start… So many miracles happened!!! I will start with Miracle 1-The hour Sister Gilbert and I started our fast this week, we were heading to a lesson with the friends of our member, Sarah. Silvia and Iolet- they have about 15 years old. And as we get into their house with Sarah, they ask us if we want them to call their other cousins in to listen to our message and about 5 minutes later, 6 12-15 year old boys coming piling in the living room and all sit down on the couch reverently ready to hear our message. Turns out they ALL live together in that same house. There about about 15 of them! During the entire lesson they all participated and were loving everything were talking about and answering all of the questions so honestly. Then at the end we invited them all to come to church the next day and they asked “What time?” We said “9:30 in the morning.” They all looked at each other and in unison agreed and said “We will be there! When does it end?” we replied. 12:30, almost hesitating, thinking they would immediately take back their promise but all in unison they all said again “Okay! We will be there!” Fast forward to Sunday… All 6 of them were all sitting their at 9:15 reverently reading the hymn book waiting for sacrament meeting to start!!!! AND THEY STAYED FOR ALL 3 HOURS AND LOVED IT!
Miracle 3- During the 3rd hour, the 2nd counselor from the stake presidency taught the lesson and he taught about the restoration for all of the young men (the 6 cousins and 1 son of our investigator Carla) and during the lesson he invited them all to read the Book of Mormon and ask Heavenly Father if it is true and if this is His true church and they all sincerely agreed, THEN he invited them all to get baptized once they received an answer and they all agreed. THEN he asked if any of them had a desire to be missionaries like us one day and about 5 hands shot up “I DO I DO!!!!!” INCREDIBLE!
Miracle 4- AFTER church, we were talking to Carla( Friend of our member Claudia and mom of João, the 16 year old boy that was in the 3rd hour) and she goes “What is this? João said he is getting baptized next weekend???? João said that President Santos told him he is getting baptized next weekend!” Her face looked so upset And I immediately freak out… I thought, Oh no! He took it the wrong way and now they will never come back.. we totally messed this up. So I start to explain what happened the the class and that President Santos invited them all to be baptized when they knew for themselves. And she goes “No. No! It´s because I WANT TO TOO! CAN I GET BAPTIZED WITH HIM NEXT WEEKEND TOO?” WHAAAATTT??? PLOT TWIST. Literally a miracle. I cannot even believe what just happened! Carla is absolutely incredible! HER AND JOÃO ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 12TH OF NOVEMBER!!!! I literally am in shock. Miracles are just flooding our house right now.
Miracle 5- ALL of these miracles happened during our fast! I know that fasting and prayer have so much power. Heavenly Father is blessing us beyond belief. I cannot keep up with all the miracles. It is absolutely incredible.
This is God´s work. Everything will happen in His time, but if we are patient and enduring we will reap the benefits and rewards. I am so grateful that we never gave up and we never stopped walking. We kept walking even when it is pouring rain and FREEZING COLD. We kept walking even when our legs were so weak and feet so sore that they could hardly walk another step. We kept trying after doors getting slammed in our faces. And we kept smiling all the way knowing that this was just a small moment and trusting that the Lord ALWAYS keeps His promises. I testify that this is true. Without a doubt. To any of you that feel like giving up, that feel like there is no end and feel like you will never see the blessings, I PROMISE YOU. YOU WILL. BLESSINGS WILL COME. THERE IS HOPE AND HAPPINESS AHEAD. But ONLY for those who keep walking and keep trying.
Com amor,
Sister Keenan

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