WELL HELLO FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! I hope everyone is well because we sure are here in Leiria… at least for today.. TRANSFERS ARE TOMORROW. Pray that I stay at least for one more transfer!! I seriously do not want to leave 😦 I love these people so much!
For today, I would just like to share a follow up of one of my emails a few weeks ago. I talked about how Sis Gilbert and I have been sacrificing everything but seeing less results than ever. I remembered the quote Savi sent me a while ago from Elder Holland that is something along the lines of “Don´t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is hope and happiness ahead.” So I kept walking and never gave up, even when the thought occurred several times, I remembered this quote and got right back up and kept walking. I knew that I would see miracles, I just had to keep enduring. Well, I am here to tell you.. THE LORD ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES. This past week we have been seeing miracles after miracles after miracles, investigators are basically just flocking to us it is unbelievable. Wow, am I grateful that I kept on trying and never gave up.
I would just like to share two of these miracles that we saw this week. During the week we went to go visit one of our new investigators, Rosa, in her cafe. Normally we try to plan so that when we visit it is the least busy so that she can pay full attention to our message and we can have the spirit. but when we walked in, there were about 15 people there and it was SUPER LOUD. There was a big soccer game on and everyone was paying attention to that. I thought to myself, “We should probably just see how she is and come back another day when it is less crowded.” But something told me to just stay and teach her, so we did. She gathered a table for us and we asked if we could start off with a prayer and she agreed and the moment that Sister Gilbert started to pray the WHOLE café went silent. I mean DEAD SILENT. The only thing you could here was the soccer game in the background. We started to talk about the Book of Mormon and immediately the spirit entered the room and it was so strong the whole café could feel it. They were all glued on us. We taught the whole Restoration lesson and for 30 minutes the whole café listened in awe. If you think I am exaggerating, at one point this other lady came into the café and set down next to what I think is her husband and started watching the game and turned to him to make a comment about soccer and he literally slapped her on the hand and said “SHHH! I am trying to listen to the word of God!!” It was absolutely incredible. At the end, we asked if anyone wanted a Book of Mormon. We only had 2 copies but told them we could go get more and this one lady starts jumping up and down saying “I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE!!!” She said she was so anxious to read this book and wanted it right now. We ended up giving 4 Book of Mormon´s away that day. It was absolutely incredible. It is always worth it.
Just stoppin for a stretch… You can´t imagine how tight your legs can be after walking miles and miles… BUT ITS WORTH IT!
Second miracle: We have been working a lot with members and are finally starting to see the fruits of our work over the past 3 transfers here… WE HAD 10 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH YESTERDAY AND THEY WERE ALL FRIENDS OF MEMBERS!!! I know that working with members is the absolute best way to do missionary work and I am so grateful to have such incredible members.
Family Home Evening- Drawing our families 🙂 Welcome to the fam, Spencer!
I just want you all to know how much I love this work. I have never been happier in my life. Although there are super difficult moments, moments where I feel like I am giving everything I have but still isn’t enough, moments where I am so cold ad wet from the rain that all I want to do is go into a warm house and sit for 10 minutes, moments where people yet at us and tell us we are wasting our time, and moments where both of your sisters get married and you can´t be at their weddings but I am here to tell you it is ALWAYS worth it. ALWAYS. Because it was ALWAYS worth it for our Savior. He gave everything for us. I am so grateful for every single opportunity I have here on the mission. It is the most incredible experience and I wouldn´t trade it for the world.
Com amor,
Sister Keenan



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