WOW!!! Seriously such a great week! Sorry my last weeks later was so short. We had about 30 minutes to email because we planned horribly… But now we have a little bit more time.

 As you can see, today marks EXACTLY one year that I received my call to serve as a missionary in the Portugal Porto Mission. Wow, am I grateful that I accepted the call to serve here. This has been the most life changing, stretching, growing, incredible, most joyous experience I have yet in my life. It is hard to believe that it has already been a year… feels like just yesterday.
Splits with Sister Christensen and my fav fam! Sonia e Nel!!!
I would just like to start off with something hilarious that happened to us last week, that I didn´t have time to share with yáll. Alright, so Sister Gilbert and I are walking down from our investigators house at the top of the hill and all of a sudden we hear this screaming on the other side of the hill and I look over and its this little old lady rocking back and forth on her doorstep behind a gate and then I realize that is where an inactive lady, Margarida, that the Sisters from the past always talked about and said she was a little crazy, so I , without talking to my companion, just start crossing the street to go over and talk to her, not realizing that I literally had this whole conversation and realization in my head and my comp just starts yelling “WHAT ARE YOU DOING SISTER KEENAN???” HAHAHAHAHA but at that point we were already in front of her so I did not want to be rude and say it to her face so I just start talking to her and asked her if her name is Margarida while my companion is still like “What the heck is wrong with you??” hahaha so she just starts going off at me from behind her gate and starts chanting and singing to herself and staring deep into my soul, scowling me, and I just continue asking if she is Margarida and she finally answers and says, “Yes… No… Yes… Maybe… Yes…” HAHAHAHA so then I just decided to have a conversation with her from behind the gate because she was kind of freaking me out, and then I said something that apparently she didn´t like and she immediately throws open the gate and starts chasing after me… so then I start running but realize that my companion is just standing there in shock so I can´t run down the hill and leave my companion so I just start running in circles as this little old witch lady is chasing after me running in circles for about 1 minute… THEN! I finally decide to just give it up, realizing she cannot do anything to harm me. The minute I stop running, she grabs my planner that has a picture of Christ on the front and starts examining it and reading the words which are in English “Serving Jesus Christ with all your Heart” and after about a minute of her examining it, I politely ask for it back and she screams at me saying “NO! NEVER!!!” So then Sis Gilbert and I just look at each other helplessly and after about 10 attempts at trying to steal back my planner, we were still failing! Two 20 year old girls were losing to a 5 foot, 80 year old lady… So sad.  THEN!!!! This other random lady shows up out of nowhere and starts heading towards the house where I heard Margarida lives so then I ask her ” are you Margarida?” And she replies saying Yes! So I go to greet her and give her 2 kisses on the cheek and as I am doing this, the other crazy lady slips my planner up the back of the second lady “Margarida”´s shirt but I don’t realize because I am greeting her, but Sis Gilbert saw and looks at the crazy lady like “What the heck?” and all of a sudden “Margarida” just starts running away down the other side of ride and my companion starts booking it after her and I am just standing there so confused as to what is happening and then I see Sister Gilbert lift up the back of “Margarida´s” shirt and snatch my planner and then we both just book it down the hill as the two crazy ladies are running after us… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The worst part is, I have no idea who is Margarida still… BAHAHAHAHAHA! The moral of the story is… People are little CRAZY here in Portugal. It is an adventure every single day.
Okay, before I run out of time again I would just like to share one miracle that happened this week. So one of our members wanted us to go visit her friend, Fernanda, that lives in our area and take her some cake that she made. The only problem was, she didn´t know the exact address. The only directions she told us was the neighborhood and that it is past a cafe (there are literally cafes on every corner here) and you turn right and past the railroad and then its the house all the way at the end of the street. So on Thursday night we decide to conquer this impossible task and find her friend. We had already miraculously managed to find the railroad and pass them but there were about 5 different forks in the road, and it is almost 8:30 so its dark and hardly any light. My companion and I were starting to get a little worried after about 30 minutes of searching and failing and the light fading, so we decided to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to show us the way. We stop and pray under a light from the light post and immediately after we finish the prayer, I look across the street and there is a house, that I had not noticed before, that says “Case de Fernanda” MILAGRE!! We knock on the door and turns out it wasn´t her BUT it was a friend of Fernanda that knew exactly where she lived and pointed us exactly where we needed to go. Heavenly Father is absolutely incredible. This is HIS work. Not ours. He knew that we couldn´t find it alone so he pointed us in a direction that we could find certain directions. Reminds me of the talk by Elder Holland. Sometimes he will send us in the wrong direction for a few minutes to have certainty that we will be going in the right direction for hours with complete surety.
I am so grateful for the spirit and for the opportunity to pray to our Father in Heaven for guidance whenever we need. It is absolutely the greatest blessing ever.
Thanks for all of your support! HAPPY WEDDING, SYD!! TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! ENJOY! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Com amor,
Sister Keenan

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