SEMANA 33: Do you BELIEVE HIM? Or just believe IN HIM?

WOW, Gente! What a crazy week we had.

First of all, I absolutely LOVED conference. Although we still haven´t had the opportunity to watch all the sessions because of the time difference (which means I still haven´t heard Elder Holland… Basically the whole reason I watch conference..) Haha no but it is incredible. I have found that every single conference is exactly what I needed to hear.
These past couple weeks Sister Gilbert and I have been struggling a little with our faith because of all the rejection we have had. We have been trying to see the miracles in every day, which we always find, but sometimes they were so small they seemed to not make any difference because we still weren´t seeing results. We have been trying so hard, in fact, harder than we ever have before, sacrificing absolutely everything that we can and we were having less success than we were before. We were trying to figure out what we were doing wrong all week and feeling like everything we were sacrificing wasn´t making a difference. In fact, it seemed to be worse. Our faith was completely diminishing and so was the faith of all of our investigators. They all just seemed to be dropping like flies. Needless to say, it was not how we expected this first of the transfer to go, and then during the talk of Elder Bednar last night, when he asked the question “Do we believe IN him or BELIEVE him?” Immediately, I realized I didn´t believe Him like I should have. The Spirit immediately spoke very clearly to me, “Do you not remember all of the experiences and testimonies I have already given you here on your mission? Why are you doubting me? Miracles will come. Just be patient and endure.” I am so grateful for the Spirit in my life. I know that this is just a trial of our faith and taht we wont see miracles until AFTER the trial.
We have a Ward Luau and had 13 investigators there, all references from members, and 3 came to general conference!! SO COOL!!
I love conference. I love the Spirit. I love the mission.
LOVE YOU ALL!! Tenha uma boa semana!!
Com amor,
Sister Keenan

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