Wow. Olá família!! HOW ARE YOU ALL?!!!
Batalha… The picture says it all. Basically we have the most beautiful mission ever.
I would first just like to congratulate 2 of my favorite people in the world.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WYATT AND SAVANNAH!!!!!! I hope you had/have the BEST DAY EVER! I will be celebrating it right there with you 🙂
STINKIN’ HILARIOUS WOMAN. Every time we come over she tries to do an impersonation of “Maria Jackson” because she claims she is the sister of Michael Jackson… BAHAHAHA!
Okay, I do not have much time but I would just like to share a story that changed my mission and life. So a couple of weeks ago one of our members, Isabel, wanted us to talk to one of her friends, Josy. Except that she has always been so busy so we have just had conversations on the phone for the past 3 weeks trying to figure out a time when we could meet. FINALLY this week we were able to meet with her and Isabel. Immediately when we walked into the café, she just starts smiling so big and says “OH MY GOSH. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. IT´S YOU!!!” Sister Gilbert and I just look at each other… And she continues to say “I was in Leiria last Saturday night with my husband and we were walking around the corner and all of a sudden you both passed me super rapidly (I could tell you had somewhere to be) but gave a huge smile and said “Boa noite!” and all I could see was just this super bright light about you both. I immediately turned to my husband and said “I have no idea who those girls were but I know they are of God. And I want to be friends with them” And there we were! It is amazing how Heavenly Father works.
Wow. Immediately after that, I could not help but feel so grateful for the spirit that we have. She did not see our missionary plaques nor did we even introduce ourselves (it was 9:29 and we were trying to get home on time) but she could immediately tell who we were because of the light about us. I did not remember her.Sister Gilbert did not remember her. But she remembered us the moment we walked in. This caused me to think about all of the other people on the street that maybe we do not have the opportunity to talk with that see us from the other side of the street or from the car. We are ALWAYS being watched and can always be examples to every single person that we pass. We, as missionaries and members, have a responsibility to represent Christ at every opportunity, this includes the moments when we feel like we aren´t being watched. Someone is ALWAYS watching. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary.
Stinkin´awesome old car show in Leiria Sunday (BEST TIME TO CONTACT!!!)
Sorry I wish I could write more but I never have enough time! Love you all!
P.S. José received the Priesthood this past Sunday!!!! SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!!!
Com amor,
Sister Keenan

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