So transfers happened AND…. I AM STAYING IN LEIRIA WITH SISTER GILBERT AND WILL BE THE SISTER TRAINING LEADER HERE!!! AHHH!!! Heavenly Father is blessing me so much!! I am so happy to stay here with my saint of a companion and a little overwhelmed about the new calling but I know that the Lord will qualify me because He has kept His promise with every other calling 🙂
Our area is seriously so beautiful. This is right next to our apartment…
Well this transfer Sister Gilbert and I decided to do something a little different. We decided to pick a theme and a scripture for this transfer and use it to motivate us during the transfer. As you can see with the title of my email, we decided this transfer would be a transfer of sacrifices. The scripture we decided to theme our transfer is a scripture that Elder Zwick shared with us in the conference last week, D&C 132:50. We decided to write down all the sacrifices we need to make and it took about a whole week to finally finalize our list. Some of these sacrifices are fasting once a week for our investigators, waking up 30 minutes earlier to exercise longer, studying for an extra hour on p-day and doing a 40-day fast of all the things that distract us from our work or that are keeping us from being the best missionaries possible. So as we are planning to sacrifice all of these things, Monday after p-day we get to our apartment at 9:30 and realize we have absolutely no running water so we call the mission office and they say they cant do anything till the morning so the morning comes and goes… still no water… then the night comes and goes… still no water… then 4 days pass by… still no water… we were showering with huge water bottles and washing our dishes with water in bowls.. FINALLY Friday after we finished Weekly Planning, WE GOT WATER!!!! 5 days without running water… talk about sacrifice. Now the sacrifices we are making feel like absolutely nothing. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER!
Okay, I have like no more time but I just want to share a hilarious story that happened… We are in our apartment eating lunch when all of a sudden one of our investigators Larissa calls us and asks if we can meet with her in 10 minutes and we ask if it can be more like 30 (we little just started lunch) and all of a sudden I hear her husband in the background screaming “NOOOO!! FORGET IT!” So she responds “Oh sorry, can it be 15?” And then I hear him again screaming and I respond “Okay, we can meet you in 15 minutes!” So we run out of our apartment… literally running and eating.. and we arrive and they aren´t even there yet…. HAHAHA! Anyways, when they finally arrive and we start talking I decided to ask them, “So why did you want to meet with us today?” and Larissa answers and says shes really been wanting to have more happiness in her life and she is always happy when talking to us and then I turn to Luis and ask him and he goes… “Uh… I didn´t want to meet with you at all. Larissa did so I have to be here.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHA!!! Well okay!
Our typical day proselyting with our best friend, Joaquim. Now we are going to drag José with us to all of our lessons hehe 🙂
That´s it for this week. Sorry I had so much more to say but so little time!
JOSÈ RECEIVED THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST THIS WEEK!!! HE CHANGES MORE AND MORE EVERY WEEK. This week he said he started tearing up when he was receiving the spirit.

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