Olá pessoas!!! TUDO BEM???

OH MY GOODNESS. I LITERALLY AM FLYING ON CLOUDS RIGHT NOW. I AM SO HAPPY! This week was absolutely my favorite week in the mission yet!
So to explain the subject of this email, Sister Gilbert and I are walking to get groceries from the market last monday when we get a call from one of the elders in the mission office saying that I need to go to Porto on Thursday because President wants me to be in the meeting for all the leaders of the mission… WHAAAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SURPRISE!!! YOU ARE GOING TO BE A LEADER…BUT WE CAN´T TELL YOU WHAT UNTIL TRANSFERS!! (Speaking of transfers, they are tomorrow. PRAY THAT I STAY IN LEIRIA WITH SISTER GILBERT!! Hahah one of our members told us he has been praying for a week straight that we will stay 🙂 Joaquim is the best!)
THEN, we had a Mission Tour with Elder Zwick this week and it was absolutely incredible. The spirit was so strong. I am always amazed when I get to hear from General Authorities but the best part is that I always learn way more from the spirit than them. One thing I really learned from the spirit was that I need and have an opportunity to progress every single day. In the mission we always want to have progressing investigators and during the meeting a question that struck me was “Are you a progressing investigator?” I realized right then that I needed to be so much better. We are all investigators, missionaries, members and all. We all need to be progressing and improving every single day. I am so grateful for the spirit to put me in my place. The spirit is more frank than anyone else (even Portuguese and they are pretty stinkin´frank… this week sister gilbert was told she had bad teeth adn that i was a little fat. hahahaha) but I am so grateful.
Alright here is where the surprise comes in… Immediately after the conference with Elder Zwick ended, President came up to me and said “Sister Keenan, Elder Zwick has chosen to interview you and your companion. Can you stay a little longer?” WHAAAAAAAAATTTT????? ARE YOU SERIOUS? A General Authority wants to have an interview with me and my companion?? HECK YES WE CAN STAY LONGER!!! It was the most incredible experience of my life. My testimony of the priesthood was strengthed and my testimony of God´s love for each one of us. I know all of the leaders in this church are definitely called of God.
Okay hilarious story for yáll… Sister Gilbert and I were sitting in the park teaching a lesson to our friend Jack Pereira and it was so stinkin hot so I start fanning myself with my missionary planner but my pen was inside the binding and halfway through me fanning myself the pen flies out and smacks Jack Pereira right in the face… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! WHOOPSIES!!!
Okay last but certainly NOT least, the Baptism of José!! It was the most beautiful experience to watch him enter the waters and be baptized promising to follow Christ for the rest of his life and starting completely over. HE is absolutely changed forever. I am so grateful to be apart of this life changing experience. Also, he showed up to church with his tithing slip already filled out and ready to hand to bishop! He is completely converted to this gospel and to following Jesus Christ. I have no doubt he will stay strong in the church forever. THIS IS WHY I CAME!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!
I hope you all realize the impact you are making in my life and the life of all of the others in your life. I am so grateful for each one of you. TENHA UMA BOA SEMANA!!! 🙂
Com amor,
Sister Keenan

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