SEMANA 28: O Expiação de Jesus Cristo é real

Olá Família e Amigos!! Como estão?

Wow! This week was absolutely incredible!!  We had so many miracles happen and so many new people come into our path. I literally love serving here in Leiria. It is the BEST!
There are always so many miracles that I cannot even write them all in my journal, let alone here! But I would like to share some of them. One of our investigators José has been investigating for about 1 month and a half now and has gone to church ever since the first day we met him on the streets but he has had some issues he has needed to work out and we were starting to lose faith but after last week we decided to put full faith in Him but especially in the Atonement of Christ to know that it is real and he  really can change. AND HE HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED! HE WILL BE BAPTIZED ON the 11th of SEPTEMBER!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! I know the Atonement is real and that anyone can change, no matter how deep we get, we can ALWAYS change WITH Christ. With anyone else´s help, it is almost impossible but with our desire and the Atonement, we can do absolutely anything. My testimony is completely strengthened forever. I have full faith in my Savior and know that not only can He change me if I let him, He can change other people if they let Him. INCREDIBLE!!
Another miracle, we met a guy named Edy in the park and started talking to him and started talking about the Book of Mormon and his mouth just drops and he goes “WHAT? THERE`S MORE?? I NEVER KNEW!” and then he goes “How much do you want for this book?” His mouth dropped even more when we told him we would give it to him for free. He was SO excited! He started reading and said he could not put it down. Saturday night we receive a text saying “Do you think you could bring another one of the Book of Mormon´s for me? I gave mine to a friend!” WHAAAAT??? DUHH!!!! Seriously awesome! Turns out one of his friends had been looking for a way to get a hold of this book for years and has never been able to find it and so he gave it to her. HOW COOL! I seriously love people here.
Sometimes this work is super hard and we don´t get to see a lot of the fruits of our labor, we get to be the ones to help plant the seeds in the hearts of the people here in Portugal. THAT is so fulfilling to see the joy on people´s faces when they find out there´s more to life than this. I love being able to share the gospel with anyone and everyone. It is the best job in the world.
Okay, so my comp is absolutely hilarious. She has taught false doctrine to our investigators like 6 times this week and I always have to pay SUPER close attention to make sure our investigators get true doctrine but one of the funniest this week was “Nos temos um almoço Deus…” HAHAHAHA For all my friends that speak Portuguese, can you just imagine the look on our investigator´s face when she said that… HAHAHA Almoço means lunch. HAHAHA “We have a lunch God.” LOVE IT!
I love you all! Thanks for all of your support. Remember to use the Atonement of Christ. It is real. It changes lives. HE changes lives. We just need to have faith and rely on Him.
Boa semana!!!  I forgot my camera this week but I promise I will send double next week!! 🙂
Sister Keenan

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