SEMANA 27: The Power of Faith‏

Wow! Family and Friends! How are you all? I, again, do not have much time but I would just like to share a few miracles that happened this week.
Weekly Bible Study!!
Zone Meeting in Coimbra SO BEAUTIFUL
Our favorite member. Waiting in the park to teach José!!
First of all, at the beginning of the week we were starting to lose faith in our investigators and decided we really needed to start focusing on others, and then we had an incredible zone meeting about having faith this week so Sister Gilbert and I left full of faith in all of our investigators. We decided if we didn’t have faith in them, no one would… And we have full faith that the Lord is all powerful and can help them change their life around if they really have a desire. From that moment on, we saw nothing but miracles. We ran into one of our investigators that we hadn’t seen for a while and asked him if he had been reading the Book of Mormon and he answered. “Yes. Every day. I read that chapter you left for me, Alma 32, and I know the Book of Mormon is true.” Immediately the spirit took over and we asked, “So if you know the Book of Mormon is true what is holding you back from getting baptized?” He was taken aback and said “Well… church is so early…” And we looked at him straight into the eyes and said “Izarette, do you really want not being able to wake up early keep you from salvation?” And immediately he looked up and said “You are right. I will go to church and I will be baptized. What time can I meet you?” WHAAAT?? INCREDIBLE. Wow. WE had 2 other experiences almost exactly the same but I don’t have time to write them.
Monthly Ward Almoço
Just your typical church on every street corner
One day during the week literally all of our appointments fell through and we were walking from one part of our area to the other and were super discouraged but then the thought came, You haven’t even asked me… So we immediately stopped walking to the next appointment and prayed. Immediately after we finished, we both had a distinct impression to go visit Irma Isabel, we had no idea why because we literally just saw her earlier that day and talked for about 15 minutes and she said she couldn’t see us, but we decided to have faith and go. On the way to visit her, we ran into one of our investigators Ana Maria that we had not seen in FOREVER. Turns out she had been praying that she would run into us that day. She had been trying to give up smoking and needed help. We learned the greatest lesson that day. We didn’t need to visit Isabel but we needed to start walking in that direction (complete opposite than we planned) so that we could run into Ana Maria. Immediately after the lesson we stopped and thanked Him for everything and promised always to ask Him from now on. Even when we have fixed appointments. He truly answers prayers. I love this work.
Anyone want some fruit???
For my mom.. We are spoiled with this gorgeous, spacious 


 Last miracle, My comp and I started a tradition to do a companion fast for our investigators every Saturday night for our investigators to come to church and it is absolutely incredible what fasting with real faith and fervent prayer can do. On Sunday, the chapel was so full we had to bring in more chairs so that people could sit down… MILAGRE! We ended up having to sit outside of the chapel because there was no room! Heavenly Father is incredible.

Okay two hilarious short stories… Sister Gilbert, while doing a street contact, after getting denied tried to say “Tenha um ótima dia!” but instead ended up saying “Somos ótimos!” hahahah translation “We are awesome!” LOVE HER. And then this crazy guy on the streets comes up to us one day as it was raining and goes up to Sister Gilbert and asks “Does your mom know how to rain dance??” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! HILARIOUS! I love it here in Leiria. I never want to leave. Miracles everywhere you look.

Boa semana! Amo voces!!!

Sister Keenan

Yes… That is a real fish and YES I had to eat it this week…

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