AHHH!! Aloha familia e amigos!! Como estao??

OH MY GOODNESS!! TRANSFERS HAPPENED… AND I AM TRAINING AN AMERICAN THIS TIME!!!!! Actually, she is Hawaiian AND is SUPER cool. I love her so much!!! Her name is Sister Gilbert and is the sweetest person ever! I get so lucky with my comps… they are all so sweet and absolutely beautiful!!


Wow. This week was absolutely crazy. I went to Porto, stayed in the hotel Tuesday night and then FINALLY on Wednesday found out who my new comp would be at the training meeting with President. SHE IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST. It is super weird having an american and actually having the opportunity to speak English normally, and quite hilarious because I literally cant speak english anymore. IT IS THE MOST AWKWARD THING WHEN I SPEAK ENGLISH.

“Fear Not I am with Thee.” This phrase about sums up my whole week. After finding out I would train again and that it would be an American, fear began to take over as I thought about the huge responsibility this was. But it absolutely incredible the power that the Spirit has and the power that the Lord can give us when we do our part. I know that I am weak and that I cannot train a new missionary who doesn’t speak the language, that I just barely started to know how to speak, but I know that if I am obedient and work my hardest to do all that I can the Lord promises to be with us. This week I was strengthened more than I ever have been. I could hardly believe that the Lord could work these miracles in me. I literally have NO fear. I know that I am a representative of Jesus Christ and that this message we have to share with the people here in Leiria will change their lives forever if they accept it. So we literally have no reason to fear. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to grow immensely here on the mission and the opportunity I have to be in the service of my Savior for 18 months.It really is the most incredible opportunity.


The Lord is always with us. Never leave Him because He will NEVER and can NEVER leave you. I know this is true. I love you all. Have a fantastic week! Sorry for the short letter! Love you all 🙂

Com amor,
Sister Keenan

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