AAAANNNNDDDD… I FOUND OUT THAT TWO OF THE PEOPLE I TAUGHT WERE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK AND LAST WEEK. One in Porto and one in Arizona! AHHHH!! Martin was baptized last week in Arizona AND Maria do Ceu was baptized this week in Porto!!!!!!! I will send a picture of Maria do Ceu!! I AM SERIOUSLY SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!
Oh my  goodness gracious. I don´t have time to talk about all the miracles that happened this week because this letter would literally be 10 pages long, BUT I just want to share a couple with you all.
We ALWAYS run into our investigators in Pingo Doce (a grocery store)
This week was absolutely incredible. We met with one of our investigators Susana and she has never introduced us to her daughters before, they were always out of the house, BUT this week she FINALLY introduced us to them and they are INCREDIBLE!!! They were so curious about what we as missionaries do and wanted to know everything. After explaining our purpose as missionaries and what we teach they were both jumping out of their seats looking at their mom, saying “MOM! MOM! Can we serve missions??”” Hahaha incredible. AND they both came to church this sunday with their mom for the first time and LOVED it. And after church we had a lesson with them in the sacrament room and Susana bore a powerful testimony of how she knows this is the right path to take. She said “Every Sunday I come, I always feel so different. And every time you enter my house, you bring this peace and light with you. I can see this light shining so bright around you as if you are glowing. And I realized for the first time this Sunday that it I can see this light in all the members here every Sunday. Today I felt an overwhelming feeling that this is the ONLY way to happiness and to return and live with our Heavenly Father.” OH my goodness. It was absolutely incredible. We invited the whole family to be baptized, and Susana accepted but the daughters aren´t quite ready. One day they will be and they will be such a great influence and addition to the church here in Portugal. AHHH I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to share this knowledge with everyone.
Susana and her family
Okay just one more quick miracle. We were on our way to a lesson but decided not to pass anyone without giving them an opportunity even if it meant that we would be 5 minutes late to our appointment and as we were walking there were about 5 people in front of us on our path and one man on the other side of the street and without saying a word, both my companion and I immediately crossed the street to talk to him. And at first, he wasn´t so interested and acted like he wanted us to leave but we stayed just a little bit longer and just started to share our testimonies of the restoration and he said “Wow. I have been wondering why there are so many churches and had that same question. Which one is right?” And so we shared the rest of the message with him, gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read it, ponder the message it contains and pray and ask God if this message is true. He was super excited and promised to do just that. AND before we invited him to come to church, he said “And where is your church? Can I come?” HAHA!! OF COURSE! We told him the address and told him we would meet him at the café close to the church so we could walk with him. And guess where he was Sunday at 8:30? ALREADY SITTING IN THE CHAPEL WAITING FOR US. CHURCH DOESN´T START UNTIL 9:30!! INCREDIBLE. ANDDDD HE ALREADY READ HALF OF THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! Wow. We were shocked. He is golden. Now I know why we both felt that impression to leave the 5 people in front of us and go talk to the one on the other side of the street. It is absolutely incredible to be apart of the Lord´s work here in Portugal. I am so grateful for every single moment here in Leiria. The spirit is the most powerful tool we have in the work of the Lord and it is incredible the miracles that happen when we listen to the promptings of the spirit.
One of our investigators, Vitor
Well, as always I wish I had more time to write and sorry my stories are all over the place but I hope you all know how much I love being a missionary. It is a roller coaster of emotions and some days can be rough, but only in the work of the Lord can we still smile after we get rejected or mocked or slapped in the face with a pass along card because we have the gospel of Jesus Christ.
One of my favorite families here!!! Irma Teresa, Diana and Guilherme
I hope you all have a fantastic week! Remember, we ALWAYS have something to smile about. 🙂
Sister Keenan

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