Wow! This week was absolutely crazy but incredible. We lost 3 days of working in our area because of the conference with Elder Kearon in Porto and received a call from the mission office that we needed to stay in Porto until Wednesday because Sister Araújo needed to do her residency. CRAZY.


BUT GUESS WHAT? I got to visit a family that I taught in Porto on Tuesday because we were in my old area!! BEST DAY EVER! HAHAHA and I finally had to admit to myself that I gained weight because I show up and Gloria, the grandma of the family that is SUPER sweet but super blunt, goes “Sister Keenan! Tu és mais gordinha, não é?” She basically told me “Sister Keenan, you gained weight!” BAHAHAHAHA HILARIOUS. I probably need to stop eating gelato.. But turned out to be great because I decided if she can be blunt with me about my weight that I can be blunt with her about why she wasn’t baptized. Turns out she had a question and we were able to answer it.
Gloria, Vitorina and Lola (A family I taught in Porto that I got to visit this week)- the one that said I gained weight hahahaha
But I just want to tell one little story about a miraculous day we had. So as you know, this week we only had 4 days to work in our area and we really wanted to achieve our weekly goals, which seemed almost impossible with only 4 days of work and no set appointments (itś super hard to set appointments with people because no one wants to commit). BUT we decided that anything is possible in the work of the Lord so we prayed extra hard and worked extra hard talking to everyone we passed. On Saturday we weren’t even close to our goals for lessons and new investigators and so we decided we could find 4 new investigators and teach 5 lessons (not very common here,unfortunately) but we had faith and went out and started visiting everyone we knew and talking to everyone on the streets and I remember at one point we turned left to go visit an apartment,but out of the corner of my eye I saw a cute little old lady walking on the right side of the street and the spirit clear as day said “Stop right now and go talk to her” so I did. I ran across the street and started to chase her down hahaha and forgot to tell my companion so my companion is standing there looking at me like I am crazy and has no idea what is going on… well turns out she was returning from a really good friends funeral and really needed someone to comfort her. It is absolutely incredible to be so close with the spirit. So we ended up walking her back to her house and teaching her. And THEN we were walking in a really sketchy area and I look to my left and there were 3 old women sitting in lawn chairs in the shade relaxing so I waved and smiled and they waved back so I decided Why not? Lets go talk to them and see if they are interested. Turns out they had met with missionaries in the past and already had a Book of Mormon. INCREDIBLE. And at the end of that day, guess what? We taught 7 lessons and found 4 new investigators. I know that this is the work of the Lord and am so grateful to be an instrument in His hand. Never doubt the promptings of the spirit.
Yes this is a real photo and yes I am standing on the balcony of our apartment and yes that is a real castle behind me… 🙂 

Well friends, I have to go now but I just want you all to know how much I love being a missionary. Sometimes it is hard to get rejected and to be laughed at and mocked,but it is so worth it at the end of the day. I love this work. I love my Savior. I love the gospel.

Boa semana, vocês!!!

Com amor,

Sister Keenan



P-day in Porto


Susana and Antonio!!

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