OLÀ (OLÀ), OLÀ (OLÀ)!!!!

HOW IS EVERYONE?? This week was a bit crazy haha and that is why I am emailing today because we had a conference in Porto yesterday with Elder Kearon, the President of the Western Europe Area for the church. Super cool to see all my friends from the MTC and my MOM!!! :))

Mission Conference in Porto with my Mom, cousins, grandma and daughter 🙂 ONE BIG FAMILY

Wow! This week was full of trials but also full of miracles! To start off we were walking down the street headed back to our apartment around 9:10 (Our schedule is 30 minutes behind the rest of the missionaries because people in Portugal are crazy and stay up super late and sleep in) and only had 20 minutes until we needed to be in our apartment so we decided to street contact like crazy, BUUT unfortunately everyone was watching the soccer game against France so no one was out in the streets, I was starting to get a little discouraged and really wanted to talk to at least one person (literally not a soul was on the streets) and thought to myself maybe knocking doors would be a greater use of our time, but immediately once I thought that, I felt really strongly to stay on this street and keep walking… so we did. And about 2 minutes later a woman comes out of her house with a laundry basket and so we stopped and talk to her and turns out she had met with missionaries about 6 months ago and really loved the things she was learning but one day they just stopped coming and she has wanted to meet with them ever since but hasn´t been able to find them!!! INCREDIBLE!!! We have met with her twice since and one comment she made was “The day after we met, I woke up feeling valued and excited to start the day. I haven´t woken up with hope for a better day in years but what you all shared with me really helped.” WOW. It is truly amazing how much hope and happiness the gospel brings into lives. I have the greatest calling ever.

Aren’t these girls beautiful?! AHHH! So many beautiful people in the world!



I have so many more stories to write but not a lot of time so I will just share two more super short miracles that happened.

Gelato with my favorite member here in Leiria-Joaquim.  He always wants to come out with us and help us knock on doors and teach lessons…LOVE HIM!


Miracle 1- Sister Dixon (STL) was on divisions with us this week and she served in Leiria a year ago and so we went to go visit one of her old investigators, Graça, and she is INCREDIBLE! She has been reading The Book of Mormon every single day since Sister Dixon left… WHAATT??? AMAZING.

I LOVE THIS FAMILY–One of Sister Dixon’s old investigators that we are still teaching

Miracle 2- Sister Dixon served in an area about 8 months ago about an hour south of Leiria and was teaching a woman Nanda who was preparing to be baptized, but one day Nanda just stopped responding to their calls and didn´t live in the same house anymore so they had no idea what happened or where she went…. 8 months later when Sister Dixon was with us in Leiria this week we ran into Nanda!!!! Turns out they had to pick up and move to Leiria in 1 day and had no time to tell anyone and lost her phone so she had to get a new phone number and lost her contact but that she has been searching for missionaries ever since she got to Leiria and said ” Can I come to church with you this Sunday?? I have been wanting to go for a year now but don´t know where it is!!!” INCREDIBLE!!!!! Heavenly Father is absolutely amazing. He has a plan for everything. I am so grateful to be a missionary doing His work in Portugal, especially here in Leiria.

Did I mention I am in the most beautiful part of Portugal??? AHHH!!! Leiria!

Have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

“Preach the Gospel at ALL times, and when necessary use words.”

Com amor,
Sister Keenan


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