Olá Leiria!!!

OH MY GOODNESS. This week was absolutely INSANE!! Transfers were last Tuesday and I was positive I was staying because Sister Fortunato and I both just arrived and were white washing, so when transfer calls came I barely paid any attention. SURPRISE!! “Sister Keenan, you will be transferred to Leiria and will be training a Brazilian.” WHAAAATTT??? I just started bawling crying. I did not want to leave Sister Fortunato (my mom on the mission) and especially the people we were teaching and to add on to it, I did NOT feel ready at all to train a missionary. I HAVE ONLY BEEN IN PORTUGAL FOR 1 TRANSFER AND YOU WANT ME TO TRAIN? ARE YOU CRAZZYYY?? SHE WILL NEVER HAVE CONFIDENCE IN ME. I CAN BARELY SPEAK THE LANGUAGE. These were my thoughts exactly. And then the words “I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord. I do what you want me to do” came into my mind and I realized I had to live these words and not just sing them. So here I am, 3 hours south of Porto in this cute little town called Leiria with another Brazilian and loving every minute of it 🙂

Divisions with the STL’s (sister training leaders)

My Portuguese is really improving because Sister Araújo doesnt speak English so I literally have to speak in Portuguese 24/7 and I cant rely on Sister Fortunato anymore to just magically give me the word in Portuguese. Itś actually kind of hilarious because there are still a TON of words I dont know so its like playing catch phrase 24/7.And hilarious because yesterday I finally had an opportunity to speak in English with a family and it was the most awkward situation in my life. I COULD NOT SPEAK MY OWN LANGUAGE. I kept speaking Portuguese and forgot words in English and my brain was translating from Portuguese to English… WHAAATTT??? SO WEIRD.  But it amazing how incredibly well Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us. I needed this transfer and I am growing so much. I LOVE Leiria! It is the cutest little town and the people are SO sweet.

No big deal. Our neighbors live in a castle…

One really quick miracle of the billion that happened this week. We were walking down the streets of Leiria yesterday after church and passed this lady sitting on a bench and stopped to talk to her and she was so sweet so we asked if we could share a quick message with her and she agreed so we started to talk about the basics of what we believe and then all of a sudden she just started to cry and said, “I need to change. I need to become better. I really want a change in my life but I don’t know how.”  Right then and there both me and my companion felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and she started to cry even more and accepted!!! It was incredible. Afterwards, we testified to her about the importance of baptism and how it will help her to change her life but that it will require a lot of faith and action on her part and that baptism wouldn’t solve everything but it is the first step and she just continued to cry and we invited her to pray about the date that night alone to receive an answer. THEN after we prayed she opened her eyes looked up at both of us and said “I will be baptized. And I will go to church. This is what God wants.” IT was SUCH a miracle. AH! I love this opportunity. Ana Maria is an inspiration for me. There are so many people just waiting for the truth. We just need to open our mouths. INCREDIBLE.

Sister Morae’s birthday!!!

Okay last hilarious story. So here in Portugal, to greet people its common to kiss on the cheek girls and boys, doesn’t matter if you are just friends or if you are married. It’s just the culture, but obviously as missionaries we are not allowed to with men, only women. And it happens a lot where men try to give sisters kisses on the cheek just because it’s their culture and it’s always super awkward to deal with but this week something even worse happened…AHAHAHA so we were talking on the streets with a man and at the end he goes to give me a kiss, but instead of on the cheek, he goes for the lips and I pulled back super awkwardly and basically had to scream in his face “EU NÃO POSSO! DESCULPA, SOU UM MISSIONÁRIA.” and he continued to go for it so I just ran away HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! HILARIOUS. I love Portugal. I love being a missionary. I love Leiria. I love you all!

I hope you have a fantastic week!

Amo voces!!

Sister Keenan

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