Ola amigos e familia! Tudo bem??

I don´t have much time! (WE ARE HEADED TO THE BEACH…NBD OOOH YEEEAHH) But I would like to tell you something really incredible that happened this week.
Sister Fortunato and I
Benard, the young man we have been teaching from Uganda, was progressing so well and soaking up everything we were teaching him and then last Sunday we went to go walk with him to church and he said he would not come because the book we gave him (The Book of Mormon) was an awful book… He was really really upset. My heart was CRUSHED. So we asked if we could meet with him and just talk about it with him and he agreed, so the next day we sat down with absolutely nothing planned, we just wanted to hear him out and figure out what changed. So he starts talking about how he watched all of these anti-mormon videos and “researched” all about Joseph Smith for about 4-5 hours on Saturday and determined that this book was awful and that he would never read it or come to church. We just sat there listening patiently without saying a word, or arguing back, and then after he finished this little rant, Sister Fortunato started to flip through her scriptures and find verses to disprove what he said but the spirit as clear as day said to me “just invite him to read the book.” DUH! He hasn’t even read the actual evidence. So I calmly and lovingly said, “Benard, if you can spend 4-5 hours watching anti-mormon things to figure out if this book is true, will you spend 4-5 hours reading the actual book?” And there was a moment of silence and he looked up at me, his countenance had completely changed from defensive to understanding and said “You´re right. I will. And I will read the entire thing.” His heart COMPLETELY changed. WHAT A MIRACLE.
Snow?? NOPE! Pollen
 I know that Heavenly Father knows His children so much better than we do and that if I would’ve ignored that prompting from the spirit and let him contend back and forth, his heart would not have been changed that day. I am so grateful for the ability to have the spirit and to be so close to it. The spirit is the real teacher. Not us. I am learning that more and more every single lesson. We are nothing but the spirit is everything. “Without the spirit, we are just salesmen.” -My branch counselor in the MTC
Every single day I am reminded of how powerful Heavenly Father is and this is just a small example of the little miracles I see in my life as a missionary. I love this work. I love this opportunity to share the gospel and to help change hearts and lives. This is an incredible opportunity. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!
Exchanges with Sister Sosa and the cutest little girl who dressed up like Elsa
Sorry I didn’t have much time to write. Have a fantastic week!! AMO VOCES!!!

Sister Keenan


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