Ola! Familia e Amigos! How are you??

I hope everyone is safe with all the flooding in Texas!
I-10… in the same I-10 that I live off of in Houston, Texas. ย CRAZY.
I have just found out that I will MOST LIKELY be heading the Portugal at the end of this transfer… so in about two weeks…bitter sweet. I SERIOUSLY LOVE ARIZONIANS. The work is just flourishing down here. And I am so sad to have to leave all of the members but especially investigators ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Gosh, I love them. BUT I am SUPER EXCITED to head off to Europe, especially for the 9 hour plane ride… ooooh yeeeaaah!
I had to…..Typical Arizona picture, right?


ALRIGHT. LIFE IS GOOD, PEOPLE. So much has happened this week that I don’t even know where to begin. To start off, let me tell you a really neat experience that happened a couple weeks ago but that I didn’t realize just how sweet it was until this week. So Angie, the girl from last week, is just incredible. But our first lesson with her, the spirit was super strong and my companion and I gave each other the look “she’s ready.” My companion slyly pulls out her calendar on the ipad and as we are teaching we are trying to think and pray in our hearts about a date and the whole time I just kept thinking May 21 or May 28 because of the situation and we knew it would be a huge leap of faith to get baptized anyway with her situation so I was wanting to make it more comfortable for her. So when it came time, she willingly accepted to be baptized and then I needed to ask her to prepare to get baptized on a certain date. I was set to say May 21 and so I open my mouth and I say “Angie, will you prepare to be baptized on May 7?” WHAAAATTT??? What the heck did I just say? There is no way she is going to accept that. That is in 3 weeks… at least that’s what I am thinking. I had no idea where that date even came from. And immediately after I say May 7 she just starts bawling crying and says “I don’t believe in coincidences. I have been really stressed about getting laid off at work and moving and my last day of work is May 6. I know that is not a coincidence that you said May 7.” Oh my goodness. She is INCREDIBLE. She has so much faith. But my favorite part about this story is that this just goes to show who is really in charge of this work, not me, not Sister Sodre, but Heavenly Father. He is not going to let an imperfect instrument get in the way of His perfect plan. He knew she needed to be baptized on May 7 and so he just put the words in the my mouth for me. HOW INCREDIBLE. I am just amazed every single day of the glory of God and His son, Jesus Christ. They truly are all powerful and I am so grateful to be a part of this work and to witness miracles like this.
Another gorgeous sunset in Phoenix
I wish I had more time to tell you all the miracles that happened this week but one short for you- Derek’s wife came to church again this Sunday and came up to me afterwards and said “I would really like to meet with you and have you teach me all of this from the beginning. I am just amazed by Derek’s countenance and by this church. How do we set this up?” WHAAATTTT???? Heavenly Father is preparing people everywhere that are ready to hear the word. I love this gospel and I love the opportunity I have every single day to share the message of happiness every single day and to be able to promise people- We have something that will bless and change your life forever. And that is a promise. I have seen it in myself and I am seeing it in others.
Okay last story- I had another episode of my dog story in Spain, if any of you have heard about that. Sister Sodre and I are going to a man’s house that we met the day before and he had a huge guard dog chained to the fence outside of his house, who was just lying on the grass. Sister Sodre holds back ย but I just continue on because I don’t think too much about it and then all of a sudden as soon as I cross into his territory he jumps up and starts lurking towards me with his vicious eyes set on me like he was about to attack. So here I am stuck standing face to face with a huge guard dog who is about to attack me and my companion is like 10 feet away, safe. I decide to start slowly and steadily walking back towards my companion and as soon as I take a step, he leaps and i just take off running. I scream at the top of my lungs and just start booking it down the street with Sister Sodre. HAHAHAHAHA it was HILARIOUS. Two girls in dresses sprinting down the streets of Tempe, AZ screaming their heads off and the dog is just calmly laying back down on the grass.
Hiking in Arizona! ย SAY WHAAT?
Missionary life is an adventure. I LOVE THIS OPPORTUNITY. I can’t say it enough. It is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I am so grateful to be His soldier in His grand army.
ELDER HOLLAND COMES TOMORROW!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I will tell you all about it next week! Have a great day!!
Sister Keenan

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