SEMANA 8: The Awkward Life of a Missionary

Oi oi! Tudo bem??

How are y’all? Thanks for all the emails and letters. Sorry I still haven’t replied back to some of you. I promise I will. We don’t get much time to email so forgive me πŸ™‚
Alright. To explain my Subject… I never realized how awkward I am until this week, especially now that I am a missionary. I am just so excited to be here and want anyone and everyone that I see to have the gospel so I am not kidding, we stop and talk to everyone that passes by. So one day this week we just finished praying about where to go and who to talk to (while we were sitting in the car) and I look up and there is a lady walking past so I jump out of the car and start almost chasing after her (her back is towards me so she doesn’t know I am running) and then when I get in a reasonable distance I say “Hi! How are you today ma’am?” She says, with her back still to me, “Fine.” and keeps walking. So I continue to talk to her and walk behind her trying to catch up and she answers my questions but keeps walking and then finally I catch up to her and ask her name and she turns around, responds, and then keeps on walking, so I continue to say who I am, a missionary, and if she has heard of us.. well this conversation lasted for about 2 minutes with her back still towards me and still walking… she was not interested. AT ALL. Hahaha! It was the funniest thing ever. That is just one of the many awkard/hilarious experiences that happened this week. I wish I had more time to tell you all. But you get the point.
OH MY GOODNESS! So we are still teaching Mary, and she is SO excited to Β be baptized and continues to tell all of her friends and family about it. She is incredible. AND we met another amazing guy this week. His name is Derek. He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and loves it. I remember Him making one particular comment to us as we were teaching him one day. He said. “I just want to go to the temple. Not just outside… I want to go inside. And I will go inside one day.” WHAAT?? He is so cool. That really is the goal. We are not just preaching the gospel to baptize people, we are helping them make the steps to enter into the Lord’s House- the Temple to enable them to endure to the end. And he can already recognize that.Β  And he did not even hestitate when we invited him to be baptized on theΒ 7th of May! It’s like he was just dying for us to ask.
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. The field is white already to harvest. Heavenly Father is preparing and will continue to prepare people to receive His word. I am so grateful to be an instrument in His hands and a part of His work.
Scriptrue of the week: Alma 26:12 <—- That is exactly how I feel this week
Quote of the week: “I went on a divorce diet. I lost 250 pounds in one day. Best diet I have ever done!” – A HILARIOUS British lady in our ward
Amo voces! Have a great week! Thanks for all the support!!
Sister Keenan
2- Sister Sodre and I (We always forget to take pictures during the day so these are the majority of our pictures right before bed)
3- The HILARIOUS British lady and her Iguana


1-This family in our ward takes us out to eat every week and this week was Sweet Tomatoes. This worker made Sister Sodre and I this adorable ice cream plate.


2- Temple day!
3- GORGEOUS sunsets here

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