SEMANA 7: Miracle after miracle after miracle

Oi familia e amigos!
How was conference? Ahh! Best weekend ever. Favorited were definitely
Uchtdorf, Holland and the one about the rescue (can’t remember the
name) this conference I was reminded of how much God loves each and
every one of us and how personal the gospel of the Jesus Christ is. No
matter what questions you went in to conference with, I know they were
answered in some way because God knows each one of us individually and
he made sure to reveal the questions we had to his prophets and
apostles. How incredible!

Wow! What a crazy week! I am in Tempe Arizona!! I LOVE the people
here. You will never believe who my trainer is!!! Sister Sodre! She is
a native Brazilian!!! I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone that spoke
Portuguese besides the other elder visa waiting BUT lo and behold, my
very own companion is full blown Brazilian! A.K.A we only speak in
Portuguese and my favorite words are “sim” and “eu nao entendei”
hahaha she is the best! It’s super fun helping her with English as
well. Haha! Last night she kept having typos on her iPad and said ” oh
my gosh people are going to think I’m an alphabetic!” Hahahahaha I
literally fell on the floor laughing while we were doing nightly
planning. Apparently that’s a thing in Portuguese that means you don’t
know how to spell but I thought she was trying to say an alcoholic
Hahaha she is so funny. She’s been here about 11 months so her English
is really good! On the other hand, my English is getting worse. The
other day in the middle of a prayer with a family in our ward I
switched to Portuguese without even knowing and so sister Sodre nudged
me but once I tried to switch back to English in the prayer I kept
saying all of the English words wrong or with an accent hahaha whoops!


First dinner with a Brazilian family (yes I got to teach my first
real lesson in Portuguese!!)

This week was a week full of miracles. Oh my gosh! I don’t even have
time to tell you all the little miracles that have happened and I wish
I could but I want to tell you about Mary. She is a self referral and
we went to visit her for the first time my third day in the area.
After getting to know her a little bit we found out a lot about her
and that she had a huge interest in the Book of Mormon because she
couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that there were so many missing
parts to the bible. So we taught her the restoration of the gospel and
really focused on Joseph smith because he had a similar question to
hers and wanted to find the true church, the fullness of the gospel.
And as soon as we started talking about the first vision and showed
her the picture of Joseph in the grove she stared crying and her eyes
were so wide and she just had the biggest smile on her face.
Immediately after we finished she said “oh my gosh. That HAS to be
true! God answers prayers and look this is evidence.” And then she got
really anxious and said “so… What did they say? Which church?” And
we explained further and brought up how the Book of Mormon came to be
and she at this point is speechless and cannot believe that she had
been kept from this truth for so long. She was so excited that she
didn’t even hesitate to commit to baptism for the 30th of April!! AND
she came to watch general conference with us yesterday and she LOVED
it. She has said on many occasions “everyone should come here!” And “i
am going to tell everyone about this!!”

Mary is an example to me and to all of us. Her faith is incredible. If
we all had faith like Mary this world would be a much better place. As
we are teaching her, I think back to how I used to take this gospel
for granted, especially the Book of Mormon. This really is the best
news and greatest gift we can have. It IS the hope and light of the
world. Without this knowledge there is NO way to return back to live
with out Heavenly Father again. I believe that with my whole heart and
Mary strengthened that testimony of mine this week.

Wow! I have the greatest opportunity and calling ever! I get to share
with people the BEST gift ever. I get to help people become happy
again. Ultimately, I get to help them back on the path to return to
live with our father in heaven again. How great is that?

I love being a missionary! I love this gospel. I am so grateful
everyday that I get to represent my Savior, Jesus Christ. Never take
this knowledge for granted. There are people out there like Mary that
are searching for what we already have.

Scripture of the week: 3 nephi 17 when you read this chapter think
about how Christ feels about you, individually. It is incredible.

Amo voces!!

Sister Keenan


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