SEMANA 6: Último Semana no CTM!‏

Oi Familia e Amigos!

How are y’all?? Feliz Pascoa! How was your Easter? Shout out to the best sister EVER for the Easter Package! (I’m sure mom and dad were in on it too so thank you thank you thank you!!) 🙂
We had a special Easter morning devotional with Elder Russell M. Ballard. It was INCREDIBLE! He talked about Christ and His divine witness of Him. One thing that I loved that he said was “Mormonism is obsessed with Christ” Christ is the center of our religion and is the center of my  life. I am so grateful for His sacrifice. It was so cool to be read each account of the Savior’s last week of His life in each of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) I gained an even deeper respect for the Savior after reading over and over all that He suffered. I can’t help but wonder, “How many drops of blood were spilled for me?” I know I am so undeserving of this incredible gift of the Atonement that Christ has given us, but I also know that He suffered for a reason and that reason was so that we could change and use His Atonement DAILY to improve and repent. “Anything that is unfair about life can be made fair through the Savior Jesus Christ.” I believe that with my whole heart. He is everything to me. I will never let anything come in the way of my witness that Christ lives and that His gospel is restored. I will never neglect my witness of the Savior and have His name on my lips ALWAYS. I challenge you to do this as well. Let your anchor be in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.I know Christ lives. And because of Him we can start again.
(My FAV MTC teacher Irma Schill.  She served in Portugal and has the most beautiful Portuguese!!)
Alright.. story time. I did it again. So we Skyped a member of the church in Mozambique, Africa on Friday and trying to get to know him. Remember, our conversational Portuguese is AWFUL so we are struggling but trying to connect with Him. So I am trying to ask “Have you always lived in Mozambique?” and this week I made a goal to improve my grammar. So instead of using the infinitive form of the verb “morar- to live” I was trying to conjugate it to past tense and so I said “morreu” which means to die. So… I accidentally said “Have you always died in Mozambique?” BAHAHAHA. Whoops! Not what I was trying to say. He just cracked up laughing.
Well, time has come again. I hate goodbyes. I had to say goodbye to my district (a.k.a. my fam for the past 6 weeks) and my companion this morning. I miss her already. But I am SO excited for Arizona! Onward and Upward!!
(Easter Sunday )
Scripture of the week:Moroni 7:46
*BUT every time you see the word charity, change it to Christ. Christ is the center of our lives. Without Christ, we are absolutely nothing. I know this is true. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary of Jesus Christ and I especially love the opportunity to testify of Christ every single day, multiple times a day.
Quote of the week: “We have a Savior who covers us, a Redeemer who changes us, and  a Good Shepherd who is willing to go in search of us again and again–continuously.” -Brad Wilcox
If you don’t feel this, get down on your knees right now and pray to start developing a relationship with your Savior. He is ALWAYS there for you. He is just waiting to hear from you.
Te amo!!
Sister Keenan
( I LOVE THE MTC. These are my teachers. They are LITERALLY the BEST!!!!)

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