SEMANA 4: “Do you wanna know why I’m fat??”‏

I hope you all appreciated my subject… courtesy of Glozell. If you haven’t seen that youtube video you must. BUT REALLY- The pictures will explain why I have already gained 6 pounds.. SO MUCH FOOD.


Oi! Tudo bem??
This week has been ANOTHER incredible week. I am about to start my 5th week at the MTC… TIME IS FLYING BY. I cannot believe it and I don’t want to believe it. I am LOVING it here. I have never been stretched so much in my entire life but it is so rewarding.
Our district was chosen to host new missionaries this week and I would just like to talk about my sweet sister that I had the opportunity to host. She is from Laos and doesn’t speak a whole lot of English so it was really hard to communicate with her and I had to talk REALLY slow and she sometimes would just look at me with this blank face after I asked her a simple conversational question… hahaha it reminded me EXACTLY of how I felt with Portuguese. But she was just the sweetest and every two seconds she would say “Thank you much Sister. You so helpful.” and then randomly after I said absolutely nothing that interesting to her she starts cracking up laughing and goes “Sister, you SO fun!” and gave me the biggest hug. AH! I just wanted to squeeze her… well I did. It just reminded me that even when I get to Portugal and cannot understand or speak a lick of Portuguese at least a smile and a laugh are universal and if that’s all I can bring. That is enough! 🙂
One quick hilarious story: Sister Dyer and I were teaching Tais and before we started the lesson we were asking her how her week was, how she is doing, and then asked her if she had work today and she said “Nao… (something something) folga” and we didn’t know what the heck that meant but it sounded like fire (fogo) to me so I said “Oh no!! There was a fire?” In my broken portuguese and she looked back so confused and said “nao… (something something) folga” and then maybe I thought she was saying she got fired so me and Sister Dyer both go “OH NO! I’m so sorry! That’s awful” and then she looked confused again… turns out folga just means “day off” HAHAHAHA! Whoops!
Let me just tell you… The gift of tongues is real BUT it only comes to those who work for it. And I have been working my butt off trying to learn this language. Our whole zone decided to do an English fast this week, which meant absolutely NO English the ENTIRE day. It was TOUGH. And by the end of the day, I was literally the only one in the whole zone still going strong (although it took me like 10 minutes to get one sentence out) but I do not back down to a challenge. The fast made me realize just how much I still had to learn but also showed me that hard work pays off and that the Lord ALWAYS keeps His promises. He promised me when I accepted His call to serve that He would qualify me and He definitely has. There is NO way I could be speaking Portuguese this well without the Lord’s help. It is incredible to see the Lord working through me. I am so humbled.
This week I made a connection that changed me forever. Irmao Staples asked our district “If Christ gave up, what would’ve been?” Think about it… What IF Christ threw in the towel after the first drop of blood spilled from his pore and thought “I can’t do this. This is too hard.” We would be nothing. Christ already had His salvation but WE didn’t. So Christ endured all of the pain so WE could be saved. He didn’t need it. And then I asked myself the question “What if I gave up after the first hard trial on my mission?” I already have this gift of the knowledge of the gospel, THEY DON’T. And THAT is why I will NEVER give up. Jesus Christ fulfilled EVERYTHING for the Father and He could NOT have endured it without the love he had for His Father, for us and for the work. I know that I could not be enduring without the love I have for Christ, Heavenly Father, the people of Portugal and for THIS work. I never want to go another day without TRULY thanking Him for His sacrifice and using His Atonement that He suffered for us. I never want to tell Christ through my actions “You weren’t good enough for me. Your sacrifice wasn’t enough to help me.”
So think about this this week: Are you showing Christ that you are truly grateful for all that He did for you, or are you looking Him in the eye and saying “You weren’t good enough for me.”
Christ is MORE than enough. He is everything to me. I love my Savior with all my heart. I am so grateful for His sacrifice for me. If it weren’t for Him I wouldn’t be here. Christ lives. And He loves EVERY single one of you. Read Luke 22 if you don’t believe me.
Te amo! Have a great week!
Sister Keenan
Halfway Celebration Package from the BEST fam EVER! Love you!

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