SEMANA 2: Todo dia, Cada dia‏

*All day, every day*

Oi Familia e Amigos!!

How are you all? It is so good to hear from you!
So this week has been another amazing one! As promised I will give you some of my insights on Elder Bednar’s talk “Character of Christ”. It was so incredibly powerful. He talks about how the character of Christ is to turn outwards instead of inwards. One of my favorite examples of Christ’s character that he mentioned was when Christ was suffering on the cross and He, instead of thinking about how much pain he was in, thought about His mother, the others who were being crucified with Him and then He cries out “Father, forgive them. For they know not what they did.” INCREDIBLE. Christ NEVER thought about Himself even when He was in agonizing pain, He thought about others. That talk really came to life this week and has helped me to really love people as Christ would and everytime I want to think about how hard my life as a missionary is, I am reminded of Elder Bednar’s words. “If ye lose yourself in the work and others, you will find yourself”
Sister Rosemary M. Wixom ( The Primary General President ) spoke at our Tuesday night devotional and it was incredible. One thing that really struck me was when she said “There is NEVER a day when we don’t need Christ.” Wow. How true is that. There might be days when we FEEL we don’t need Him, but in all honestly, we NEED Christ every second of every day. And if we only feel we need Christ and only rely on Him when times are tough, that does not show our love for Him.  He suffered and died for us so that we could rely on Him ALWAYS.
ALRIGHT. Here are the promised funny stories: So for our third or fourth lesson with Michelle, our first investigator, Sister Dyer and I scratched our entire lesson AGAIN at the last minute and so in my rush to figure out how to say “You can” after asking Michelle how she would feel if she could be completely cleansed of all her sins (in Portuguese of course) I quickly looked it up in my dictionary and forgot that “can” also means like a can of soda or a can of soup so in the middle of this super great lesson, the spirit was strong, we were about to invite her to be baptized and after I asked her that question, she said that’d be marvelous but I don’t know if I can. And so I said “Tu lata” and was about to go into how the Savior made that possible but she looked so puzzled and so I repeated it again and again super confused.. come to find out lata means CAN as in CAN OF SODA hahahahahahahahahahahha. HILARIOUS. We all died laughing.
Last one before I run out of time: Long story short, again, in my rush to plan the lesson I wrote down a scripture but only wrote down the verses and not the chapter so while we were teaching Michelle, I gave her a scripture that was supposed to show the miracles of Christ but of course, it was the wrong scripture and Sister Dyer and I had no idea because it was all in Portuguese so Michelle made a confused face again and turns out it was about someone chopping off someones head off… Definitely NOT the message I was going for. HAHAHA!
Anyways, life here is GREAT and HILARIOUS as you can tell. I love the MTC.
Quote of the week: “There isn’t one thing two people can’t do if one of them is the Lord.”
Te amo!
Sister Keenan

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