Alright. This was the most fun but also the most stressful part about preparing- SHOPPING!!! I just love putting outfits together and having new options. BUT I am a little bit OCD and I want everything to be PERFECT- which is essentially impossible- so that’s where the stress plays a huge role. With that said, I know it says 8-9 outfits on the packing list buuuuut I figured, if I have room, why not pack smart and bring as many outfits as possible??

So here we go… For all of the sisters that are preparing to serve or the girls who just want some cute places to shop for modest Sunday attire, I have attached a list that I compiled with all the different sister missionary clothing stores. So look no further and enjoy (seriously, this took me a lot of time and research so you better use it ;))


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Winter Skirts

Okay. From left to right: Chambray Skirt @Ruche.com, Maroon Skirt @Mikarose, Beige Skirt @Ruche.com, Black Skirt @H&M, Grey Skirt @Roolee.com

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Pencil Skirts

From Left to Right: Black Pencil Skirt @H&M, Checkered Plaid Pencil Skirt @thepinkdesert.com, Grey Pencil Skirt @H&M

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Short Sleeved Darker Shirts

From Left to Right: Casual Grey Tee @ H&M, Casual Oatmeal Tee @H&M, Black & White Picnic Tunic @Mindy Mae’s Market, Black Lace-Trim Tee @J Crew, Black Butterfly Top @Forever 21

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3/4 Length Shirts

From Left to Right: Maroon Patterned Blouse @Forever 21, Navy Scallop Blouse @TJ Maxx, Blue & White Striped Tee @J Crew, Navy Patterned Peplum Top @H&M

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Button Downs & Sweaters

From Left to Right: Light Blue Button Up @H&M, Navy Crewneck Sweater @J Crew, Checkered Button Up @J Crew, Maroon Sweater @Forever 21

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Summer Skirts

From Left to Right: Red Bow Midi Skirt @Mindy Mae’s Market, Pink & White Striped Skirt @DownEast, Blush Pink Ruched Skirt @Forever 21, Yellow Ruched Skirt @J Crew, Navy Chiffon Skirt @BYU Bookstore,  Blue & White Pinstripe Skirt @GAP, Navy Floral A-Line @thepinkdesert.com

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Short Sleeved Summery Shirts

From Left to Right: Coral Scallop Top @TopShop Nordstrom, Blush Floral Shirt @DownEast, Blush Scallop Top @DownEast, Dark Mint Tee @J Crew, White Lace Top @Mikarose, White Blouse @Forever 21

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From Left to Right: Blue and White Picnic Dress @Roolee.com, Floral Dress @Roolee.com, Black Dress @Roolee.com, Black Dotted Dress @H&M

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

From Left to Right: Coral @Target, Sky Blue @J Crew, Navy @Old Navy, White and Navy Polka Dots @H&M, Long Grey @Target, Oatmeal @H&M, Dark Oatmeal @Old Navy, White @Target


Alright. I’m just going to say it. Sister Missionary Shoes are UGLY. Well, most of them. BUT if you look long enough and hard enough you can find relatively cute & comfortable shoes. With that being said, I probably wouldn’t wear half of these shoes on a regular day basis, to campus or out with friends, BUT for sister missionary shoes, they aren’t too shabby.

So here you go folks!

These are Clark’s Mary Janes- the cutest and most practical Mary Janes that I could find. I ordered them off of Amazon. *Side note: If you have Amazon Prime, it is literally a life saver. Free 2-day shipping and easy returns. I bought so many things on Amazon for my mission* Here is the link.


These are Naturalizer Boots, again from Amazon. I originally ordered them from Nordstrom but found them on Amazon for $20 cheaper… so obviously I returned them immediately and ordered them from Amazon! They are super comfortable as far as boots go.


These are Born Sandals (I got them in two colors brown leather and gold), again from Amazon. These are SO comfortable and they are actually pretty cute. The brown are MUCH cuter in person.


Okay so my personal favorite…. Pale Blue Hunter Rain Boots!! I’m obsessed. They go with every single outfit I have. (Granted, some outfits look better but on a mission, you just make do) I got the Matte instead of glossy because I have one pair of Matte and two glossy at home but the glossy kind of bother my ankles when I walk too much. So glossy is better for comfort! Zappos is also a great place to find shoes. Shipping is free and SUPER fast. I got the boots in 2-3 days!


Since Porto is SUPER rainy, I got two rain boots. One tall and one short pair. I got the second pair from J Crew. AND I got them during the big Black Friday Sale so they were a lot cheaper than they are now. OOOOH YEEEAAAH.


So I can’t find my leather booties online anymore, BUT just try to get Leather and not suede because suede will get dirty really easily and wet a.k.a STINK! And try not to get any with too big of a heel because you will hate your feet after about 3 days of walking.

I am a runner. So as far as running shoes go, my favorite, although not the most attractive, are Asics. They are extremely supportive and haven’t caused me any problems. I’ve been using Asics for about 4 years now. DO NOT get Nike Frees for running. As good as they may look, they have AWFUL support and made my feet hurt after about 3 months of wearing them. If you don’t plan on running at all on the mission, then they should be fine for doing other exercises, but I would definitely not recommend them.

Oh and last but not least, Dr. Scholl’s Flats! SO comfortable and they have lots of cute color options!! I got them at DSW.


And there you have it friends! MY version of missionary clothing ideas! Pick and chose what you want. We all have different styles and opinions, but hopefully you found at least one piece of advice or idea from this post.

Although this is definitely not the most important part about a mission in the least bit, it is very important to look classy and professional. If you feel and look confident and put together, people are more likely to take a minute to listen to what you have to say. In the missionary guidelines, it says “You should strive to look your best, especially at zone conferences, in Sunday meetings, at visitors’ centers and historic sites, at baptisms, and when working with local leaders.” Not only should you want to look your best, it is a requirement, so let’s follow it!

As Thomas S. Monson said “You can dress attractively without being immodest. Within the Lord’s guidelines, there is room for you to be lively, vibrant, and beautiful both in your dress and in your actions.”

I hope this helped!! Happy Shopping!

Below is the promised list of websites to find cute sister missionary clothes. Enjoy!

Sister Missionary Clothes





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