Meet Maddie

This is Me!

Hey y’all! I’m Maddie and I am a sophomore at Brigham Young University. I have a love for many things, but most importantly I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. And that is why I am devoting 18 months of my life entirely to the Lord to become a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am leaving behind my family. I am leaving behind my friends. I am leaving behind schooling, for the time being. I am leaving behind my hobbies.I am leaving behind internship opportunities. And I am even leaving behind instant communication with the rest of the world. But I do not know of any  greater reason to leave behind all of these things, than for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know it will be worth it. I am completely devoting a year and a half of my life to Him, His gospel and His people.

In addition to this, I am about to go on what many say to be the hardest thing they have ever done. I am going to go to a country where I cannot speak the language, where I am not familiar with the culture, with the government, and where I know absolutely no one. I am going to struggle. There will be times when I want to give up, or take a nap, or even just get in a car and drive, instead of walking miles and miles to get to appointments. People will reject the message of the Savior that I have come 4,000 miles to preach. But I won’t quit. I will keep walking and i’ll keep trying, because I want everyone to know of the joy that has blessed my life and the one perfect being that has saved me- Jesus Christ. I want them to feel of His love for them, as I have felt of His love for me. I want all to have the joy that I have because of the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You might think I am crazy and well… maybe I am, but I am going because I want to. I want to help others like the Savior helped me. I am leaving all of these things behind for a God I love even more. And I owe everything I have to Him. So this is the only way I know of to even repay Him for the eternal blessings He has paid me. 


One thought on “Meet Maddie

  1. Wow! How blessed I am and how blessed the people of Portugal are to meet you and feel of the love you have for Our Saviour The Lord Jesus Christ and for our Heavenly Father.
    I am sad I am not with you all this weekend in Houston, but I know you know how badly I wanted to be there and would have been there if I could have. My love and my prayers go with you Sister Madison Keenan
    From Grandmama


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